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emerging technologies that 5G will disrupt

5 Emerging Technologies That 5G Will Disrupt

Disruption is the name of the game in the world of tech. We’re constantly on the cusp of some new innovation—interactive technologies, for example, are changing how consumers shop and how brands set out to improve the ever-important customer experience. The next big tech innovation—5G—stands to revolutionize these and so many more, as it will be a major driver of ...
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Managing your personal data

Managing Your Personal Data: Working Towards Protection Is A Team Effort

Earlier this year, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal resulted in 87 million Facebook profiles being harvested for data. Over and over, we see scandal after scandal of our personal data, that is collected by a major company, compromised. The company admits to the occurrence, the public reacts in outrage and the company promises transparency and increased security in exchange. And ...
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collaboration platforms

4 Ways Collaboration Platforms Make Your Business More Productive

How often is your department – or even your team – in the same place at the same time? Exactly. A combination of on-site and remote employees is the norm. Mobility reigns. Getting things done across teams, departments and even continents means we are using collaboration platforms more than ever. When collaboration technologies are well integrated into operations and company ...
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Voice Interface Technology

Voice Interface Technology: The Future of Business

Nowadays, it isn’t surprising to hear someone speak to someone that isn’t there. We ask Alexa for the weather and to turn the temperature down on the thermostat. Then, we ask Siri what our schedule for the day is and to call people. We are connected now more than ever using our voice and voice interface technology. I can’t imagine ...
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Digital transformation success

3 New Digital Transformation Success Stories

Investments in digital transformation are expected to hit $2 trillion by 2019—up to 40 percent of IT spending. That’s good, right? After all, every company needs to enhance its tech adoption to move forward in today’s marketplace. Not so fast. Despite the free-wheeling investment in technology today, studies show that nearly 80 percent of CIOs rate their current digital strategy ...
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