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Key Stats from the 2018 Digital Transformation Index

15 Key Stats from the 2018 Digital Transformation Index

Curious where your company stands when it comes to digital transformation? The 2018 Digital Transformation Index can help. We recently released the most comprehensive report of its kind on digital technology adoption among business organizations. The Index can serve as your company’s benchmark in digital transformation, noting both progress and obstacles impacting more than 1,000 North American and Western European ...
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FinTech revolution

Exploring the Trends Driving the FinTech Revolution

If you have not heard about the FinTech revolution that is happening right now, you need to get out from under your rock. These revolutionary advancements are not just impacting the financial industry. They have the potential to change the way we conduct transactions in all aspects of business. Finance has been one of the last areas of business to ...
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Brands committing to social good

Brands Committing to Social Good — Recipe for Business Success

Brands committing to social good in today’s business climate are finding it a worthwhile investment in business success. But it wasn’t always that way. When TOMS shoes launched in 2006 with its “one-to-one” business strategy, many business leaders around the country likely wondered how the company would ever stay in the black. Its model of giving one new pair of ...
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people drive the digital transformation

Three Ways People Drive the Digital Transformation

Who is responsible for attracting top talent to your organization? Who creates your marketing campaigns and strategies for sales? Who interacts with customers on a daily basis? Your employees do. Employees are the lifeblood of business and yet we tend to forget what it would be like without them. We forget that even though we have technology for every task, ...
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virtual reality will change HR

Three Ways Virtual Reality Will Change HR

What industries come to mind when you think about virtual reality? Your first thought was probably entertainment. A division of Facebook developed and released the Oculus Rift in 2016. Sony also offers VR gaming through the PS4. While virtual reality is gaining acceptance as a valid entertainment medium, many still doubt whether virtual reality can have an impact in the ...
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