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Digitally transformed CMO

Digital Transformation Trends: How Digitally Transformed CMOs are Impacted

Last month, I shared an article about the digital transformation trends to look forward to in 2019. But those trends won’t happen in a vacuum. They’ll impact everyone working in today’s digital landscape, including the digitally transformed CMO. It’s safe to say that when may of todays marketing executives finished college in the 80s and 90s, they could not have ...
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data-driven sales team

6 Steps to Build a Data-Driven Sales Team

Did you know that the most successful sales teams are three times more likely to use analytics than under-performing teams? A statistic like that would convince me to use data immediately, but that isn’t always the case. It seems that data has taken a backseat to other less successful sales tactics and it’s time for that to change. But you ...
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Modern Digital Workplace

Modern Digital Workplace: 5 Current Trends Making Waves in the Office

Does your office look different than it used to? Do you have a storage room filed with filing cabinets and external computer equipment? Is half your cubicle taken up by a monitor and a computer tower? Do you even go into a physical office location? Let’s face it, the modern digital workplace looks different. I recently explored the biggest Digital ...
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Job types that will thrive with automation

3 Job Types that Will Thrive with Automation

Over the past few years, we’ve heard about robots coming for our jobs. Each time a self-checkout lane opens at the nearest grocery store, some start to panic. And although we’ve already had a glimpse into how automation is going to be beneficial to us all, it isn’t completely met with open arms. Still, I think there are a few ...
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blockchain’s impact on HR and the future of work

Blockchain’s Impact on HR and the Future of Work

Blockchain. Is it today’s annoying buzzword or a technology that’s going to change everything about the way we live, work, and do business? While we’re certainly not “there” yet, my vote is on the latter. So what is blockchain? It’s a digitally encrypted ledger that stores information publicly in groups called “blocks.” It’s completely decentralized database only gives access to ...
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