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Go Beyond Google Analytics and Use Data to Educate Your Clients

Numbers and data are no longer a daunting task — they’ve now become an integral part of a company’s operations. The issue is most companies are only given the basic facts of their data without the what’s, how’s, and why’s that are driving the data analytics. Jaywing, a British data-based digital agency, found that brands across the board are failing ...
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Building a smart city

Building a Smart City from the Ground Up

You could say digital transformation has been in a bit of a holding pattern—at least when it comes to building a smart city. Sure, we’ve mastered smart buildings—to the point that most of us can manage our home security, lighting, and temperature simply by tapping our smart phones. But when it comes to moving beyond the building or campus to ...
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Traditional IT vs Cloud Computing. Gain the Competitive Advantage

Traditional IT vs Cloud Computing: Gain the Competitive Advantage

There are many reasons why your business should to move to the cloud and away from traditional IT. Getting out of the data center business makes you more efficient, more secure, and provides greater flexibility. The cloud also offers other benefits, such as automation, increased collaboration, efficient disaster recovery, and faster time to market. The business challenges the cloud solves ...
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state of the MSP

2018 State of the MSP Report

One of the fastest growing business models in the IT space is that of a managed service provider (or MSP.) In fact, chances are pretty good you’ve either transitioned to a service provider model or are planning a transition in the near future. But who exactly are MSPs, and what challenges do they face on their way to success? Well, ...
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intelligent machines

Truly Intelligent Machines: The Impact of AI That Can Think

Intelligent machines are one of the most controversial types of technology in development today. And I hate to break it to those of you who are concerned about the use of AI-powered robots, but intelligent machines aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re only getting smarter. Recently, leaders like IBM and Alphabet have been pushing AI to its outer limits, teaching it ...
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