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Tech Jobs You Should Fill This Year

3 Top Tech Jobs You Should Fill This Year

Clearly, this ain’t your mama’s IT department. What it means to work in IT and tech is quickly changing, and companies are learning there are certain new positions they need to fill to stay competitive in the new digital marketplace. While we could get lost in a maze of acronyms and buzzwords (CDA, CMO, CIO, CAO, CIoTO, CITSO), I want ...
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cloud monitoring for employee insights

4 Ways Cloud Monitoring Delivers Better Employee Insights

Your cloud has a lot more value than you may realize. It turns out that by analyzing cloud access, you can learn a lot about how your employees are using different software, whether they’re following compliance rules, and even areas where your cloud may not be as safe as it should be. And you guessed it: it all comes down ...
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Digital Transformation Trends in Automotive

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Automotive for 2019

Nowadays, consumers want seamless 24/7 connectivity—anything less just won’t do. That’s why this coming year, we’ll be seeing the automotive industry focusing more on connected automobiles—enhanced driver experiences—and lots of other things that have very little to do with—well—cars. Indeed, some would say the car industry is changing drastically—moving beyond automation to a new kind of digitized factory that produces ...
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Future-proof your IT Department

3 Keys to Future-Proof your IT Department

Let’s face it: the only thing we can count on when it comes to digital transformation is change. So, when we talk about digital transformation, we need to think about it in both present and future terms. For the IT department, that means trying to make sense of the latest technologies and how they can support your company’s strategic goals ...
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curiosity and data science

Curiosity and Data Science: Let it Drive Your Business

We all know the age-old phrase: curiosity killed the cat. But when it comes to data science, curiosity can make your business come alive. In fact, the right mix of curiosity and data science could be your key differentiator in digital transformation. Let me explain. In this new age of big data and data automation, lots of companies are using ...
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