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advancements 5G will enable

5 Advancements 5G Will Enable in The Future

Hot off the heels of the Mobile World Congress 2019, there’s one technology everyone is buzzing about more than any other: 5G. While there were other exciting developments at MWC 2019, 5G was the headliner. Why is everyone so fired up about 5G? Because some of the biggest advancements in digital transformation have been waiting in the wings because they ...
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customer experience management

5 Digital Transformation Trends Reshaping Customer Experience for 2019

Some companies think digital transformation is about efficiency—saving time and money, beating competitors to market, and wooing customers with fancy apps and tech bling. They’re wrong. As I’ve said for years now, digital transformation is about one thing: improving customer experience. And many companies are finally starting to realize that customer experience management needs to be on their radar if ...
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enterprise cloud computing

Enterprise Cloud Computing Trends to Watch for This Year

The cloud. It’s foundational to business in digital transformation and will continue to be in years to come. But nothing stays the same for long in the digital age. So, how is the cloud itself transforming? And what does enterprise cloud computing look like in 2019 and beyond? The following are a few of the biggest trends to watch for ...
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types of data scientists

Understanding the Types of Data Scientists Your Company Can Hire

Data scientist. Data engineer. Data guru. It doesn’t matter what you call them. Today’s companies are realizing that they need someone to engineer the data they are pulling everyday in order to put it into action. Indeed, data is nothing without data scientists to slice and dice it. But it’s not as simple as hiring someone with the data scientist ...
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women who tech

Women Who Tech: Women Startup Challenge

I have exciting news to share—Women Who Tech just launched the next Women Startup Challenge, which will be cohosted by Google in NYC on May 29th. Our goal is going to fund and showcase the best early stage, women-led startups in North America who are building products to solve big problems. Applications for the Women Startup Challenge just opened we’d ...
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