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2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

Top Takeaways from 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation [Report]

As the number of threats and security breaches continue to grow, protecting your business from a cyber-attack takes a conscientious and sustained effort. Cybercriminals are expanding their forces and the assaults are becoming more sophisticated every day. If you aren’t fully engaged in your cyber security efforts you could be vulnerable. Do you know the biggest threats to your cyber ...
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Mitigate AI bias

Want to Mitigate AI Bias? Start with Unbiased Data

Most people are under the impression that artificial intelligence (AI) is bias free. After all, what could have fewer opinions than a machine? But as it turns out, research shows AI carries the same biases as whoever created it. Which means the data we’ve now grown accustomed to relying upon to make any number of decisions—from who should receive a ...
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AI for SMBs

AI for SMBs: Actionable Tips for Strategic Implementation

Artificial intelligence (AI) or bust. That’s the chant you’ll hear across the digital landscape today as major corporations are beginning to reap the rewards associated with automation, machine learning, and digital assistants. I mean, we all know AI is going to be revolutionary for the big players in the digital marketplace. But for SMBs who lack the same resources, talent, ...
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IoT Will improve accounting

Six Ways the IoT Will Improve Accounting

As of this year, 20 billion devices are expected to be connected globally. That stat is impressive—but it’s not nearly as exciting as the value these devices could add to your company’s bottom line if you use them strategically. From mobile phones to cars, planes, machines, and more, the data these connected devices are harvesting can be a game changer ...
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power of people analytics

Using the Power of People Analytics to Transform the Future of HR

Big data is everywhere, even when it comes to people. In today’s market, employers aren’t just collecting data on how many of their employees have college degrees or professional certifications. They want to know how diverse their hiring practices are, how well their pay compares to others in the industry, which character traits perform best in which environments and how ...
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