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personal privacy protection with blockchain

Could Blockchain Solve Our Personal Privacy Issue?

Blockchain has been on the back shelf lately, and for good reason. The miracle technology that promises to secure everything from copyrights to escrow processes has hit what could be deemed an adoption slump. It seems we all know blockchain is potentially good for a lot of things, but there are still many questions standing in the way of its ...
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Security integration trends

Top 8 Trends to Watch in Security Integration

As technology continues to evolve, people and businesses are focusing more of their attention on security. Whether they are looking to protect themselves, their data, or their company and employees, the top security integration trends showcase the latest technology available to meet their needs. Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance The cloud has been around for some time, and it’s now ...
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data generalist

4 Reasons to Hire Data Generalists for Your Data Teams

Last month we talked about the types of data scientists companies should hire, based on the type of data they would be modeling: data for people or data for machines. As a quick refresh, data for people focuses on data collected to improve the customer experience—how to improve it, change it, or make it more profitable. Data for machines is ...
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what does privacy mean

What is Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation

What does privacy mean? Short answer: not much—at least not in our current state of digital transformation. Indeed, while I love technology and everything we’re now able to do to learn more about our customers through personalization, the cold hard truth is that there is no way to guarantee privacy in today’s digitized world. It was reported this month that ...
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automation process

Streamlining Business Through Automation

Today, new applications and advanced workflow technology are becoming more and more common, allowing businesses to automate certain areas of their company in order to streamline their automation process. While doing so offers a large variety of benefits, including increased efficiency and lower costs, the implementation of automation does give rise to concerns for the employees currently doing work that ...
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