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UC presentation

Your Wireless UC Presentation System Might Be Compromised

Security exploits found in wireless UC presentation systems While wireless UC presentation systems make it easy for workers to send video to TVs, they are also network appliances. Wireless US presentation systems utilize either the production LAN or a private network. Regardless of what the connection path, a wireless UC presentation system lives on the network. Wireless presentation devices on ...
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UC Trends

UC Trends—Cross-device, Cross-platform, Better Functionality

There was a time in the UC (Unified Communications) space when the companies that provided solutions were able to provide a walled garden where you used only their products. AT&T was the only provider for telephones used on their networks until the U.S. government stepped in and said that they had to allow third-parties to provide supply hardware (telephones) on ...
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Red Hat

Red Hat Strong Performance is Good News for IBM Shareholders

After close on Thursday, Red Hat reported earnings of $1 a share on revenue of $934.1 million. Analysts were looking for earnings per share of $0.86 on revenue of $931.58. Following news in October 2018 of an impending acquisition by IBM for a significant $190/share in a cash deal valued at $34 billion, and a subsequent stock performance hit, investors ...
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Oracle Q4 Earnings

Oracle Q4 Earnings Are In — But What Does It Really Mean?

Oracle Q4 Earnings Are In — But What Does It Really Mean? Oracle Corporation announced fiscal 2019 Q4 results and fiscal 2019 full year results. Total Quarterly Revenues were $11.1 billion, up 1 percent in USD and up 4 percent in constant currency compared to Q4 last year. Cloud Services and License Support revenues were $6.8 billion, while Cloud License ...
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Dell Should Use Esports as a Boost to PC sales

Riding the Wave of Esports Global computer sales are continuing their decline. Overall the market saw a decline in sales of 4.6 percent during the first part of 2019. Manufacturers need to look to creative solutions and innovative verticals to boost sales. There may be a way for Dell to capitalize on the rising popularity of Esports as a catapult ...
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