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Data Purge Strategy

3 Reasons You Need a Data Purge Strategy

Data, data, data. It seems you can’t go anywhere today without hearing how important data is to your company’s success in digital transformation. But the fact is, having too much data can actually bog your company down—leaving it vulnerable to security breaches and clogging up your ability to make smart, quick, data-backed decisions. That’s why every company that collects data ...
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digital transformation for the CEO

Breaking Down the 6 Pillars of Digital Transformation from the CEO’s Perspective

One of the hot digital transformation trends for 2019 is the CEO taking the reins. But what does that really look like in today’s business marketplace? It’s one thing to task someone with a job. It’s another thing altogether to make sure they are prepared for it. Most CEOs are probably still saddled with questions like, “Where do I fit ...
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digital transformation trends in media

Top 4 Digital Transformation Trends in Media and Entertainment for 2019

During a recent hotel stay, I flipped on the television and found one of my kids’ favorite movies. It was about halfway through, so they asked me to start it over. It never occurred to them: TV doesn’t work that way. In fact, for Gen Z, the concept of “missing” part of a movie is absurd. They grew up in ...
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ai revolution

CES and the Next Big AI Revolution

This post is sponsored by Samsung Semicondutor US. Opinions are my own. For CES 2019 I predicted 5 overarching themes would be distinctly visible throughout the show and all of the coverage that the show receives. Those trends include 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, Flexible Devices and Growing Smart Ecosystems. However, while all of those trends were certain to be massive throughout ...
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Apple Samsung

Apple Samsung Deal Was a Crucial Move for Apple

Apple’s deal with Samsung, making its iTunes app available on Samsung’s 2019 Smart TVs, was a crucial move for Apple and its future in the world of streaming media offerings. Why the Apple Samsung Deal Matters  Here’s a simple explanation illustrating why the Apple Samsung deal matters so much. I have an Apple TV device. It’s old enough it’s probably ...
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