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what does privacy mean

What is Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation

What does privacy mean? Short answer: not much—at least not in our current state of digital transformation. Indeed, while I love technology and everything we’re now able to do to learn more about our customers through personalization, the cold hard truth is that there is no way to guarantee privacy in today’s digitized world. It was reported this month that ...
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automation process

Streamlining Business Through Automation

Today, new applications and advanced workflow technology are becoming more and more common, allowing businesses to automate certain areas of their company in order to streamline their automation process. While doing so offers a large variety of benefits, including increased efficiency and lower costs, the implementation of automation does give rise to concerns for the employees currently doing work that ...
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data analytics budget

IT Spending: Understanding Your Data Analytics Budget

One thing we constantly learn in digital transformation is that nothing is as simple as it appears. Most of us learned the hard way that transforming our companies would take more than new technology. It would take new mindsets, new relationships, and new business models, as well. It should come as no surprise, then, that the issue of “analytics” is ...
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sales teams need AI

Analytics + AI: How Sales Can Get The Most From Data

AI put a spell on me. That’s how I feel every time I click to buy something I don’t need from a precisely placed Instagram ad in my feed. Somehow, AI knows exactly when I’m the perfect target to make a spontaneous or emotional purchase. It’s like magic. But anyone who’s placed an ad on Instagram or otherwise sought to ...
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Fast Food Industry Tech Trends

AI and Personalization Transforming an Unlikely Industry: Fast Food

Let me guess: the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the transformative powers of artificial intelligence (AI) and personalization is … hamburgers. No? That might be changing very soon as fast food industry tech trends show a greater emphasis on beacons, bots, and data to make for even more personal eating experiences for customers. Case in ...
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