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Ready for blockchain

Is Your Company Ready for Blockchain?

Okay, maybe you haven’t quite grasped the concept of blockchain on a technical level. But before you accept or nix the idea that your company is ready for blockchain, let’s take a few minutes to consider the technology’s benefits—specifically in relation to your company’s business goals. If you’re like most people, blockchain still feels like an amorphous magical creature that ...
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Small business cybercrime

Small Business Cybercrime Risk: Four Ways to Stay Protected

Did you know that 40% of all cyber attacks are focused on companies with less than 500 employees? What about this fact: only 14% of small businesses have a plan for keeping their company secure. Unfortunately, small business cybercrime is on the rise. We are aware of big enterprises that fall victim to cybercrimes, but attacks on small businesses are ...
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develop smarter workplaces

Six Reasons to Develop Smarter Workplaces

Technology is everywhere we look and although it seems to have infiltrated every part of our world, it is still gaining speed. Companies—quickly learning that traditional is no longer required—have been behind schedule in their movement to develop smarter workplaces. Millennials are demanding change. Many believe that technology advancements such as augmented reality and virtual reality would increase their productivity ...
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data job openings

Why Digital Transformation Requires Key Data and Analytics Personnel

When it comes to business, data is everywhere. All parts of a business from innovation to marketing produce data and sometimes in huge quantities. In a world where the customer experience reigns supreme, the IoT is front and center and AI is set to change business altogether, data is the backbone. How is your company going to deal with all ...
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embrace digitization

Three Ways to Embrace Digitization to Improve Productivity

Going back to Economics 101, productivity is the stimulus that our economy needs. When productivity increases, wages and standards of living follow suit, causing the demand for goods and services to increase along with them. In a world where technology advances on a daily basis could we really be seeing a decline in productivity? You bet. According to a recent ...
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