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Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency a No-Go in France

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Facebook Libra cryptocurrency a no-go in France as Finance Minister Le Maire takes a hard line against allowing the cryptocurrency to operate in Europe. With Libra Association hoping for a 2020 launch, with 100 members in its association before launch, watching other countries around the globe wrestle with the complexities here is of great interest to our team. Stay tuned.

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IBM Launches New Mainframe the IBM z15

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IBM launches new mainframe IBM z15. Announced today, this new model represents the 15th generation of this high-end server since the shift to CMOS processors in the mid 1990s. The z15 is an integral part of IBM strategy around hybrid multi-cloud, positioning the server as a foundational layer for mission critical workloads.

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Workday Q2 2019 Earnings Are In — Beating Estimates, Raising Outlook

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At a time when financial management, HCM, and analytics applications are table stakes for businesses serious about growth and profitability, Workday seems to be maximizing opportunity. Looking forward, the company expects to grow subscription revenue to $3.06 billion and hit revenue targets of between $783 million and $785 million. A strong quarter and good results for Workday and I look for more of that ahead.