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Top IT Trends to Watch in 2017

In CIO/ITby Bobby Boughton2 Comments

In an increasingly competitive economy, being agile and having the ability to recover quickly drives technological development. Cutting-edge technology improves productivity, creates competitive advantages, enhances business continuity, and defines cybersecurity practices. As IT advancements create shifts in daily workflows and develop best practices, those who use state-of-the-art technology and adopt the right trends will benefit. We’ve gathered top IT trends …

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Converge Tech and Business: The Week in Review January 28,2017

In Digital Transformationby Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

The tech and business space fascinates us because of the ever-increasing number of innovations, acquisitions, lawsuits, and product launches that happen every day. That’s why we bring you these weekly reviews—to help you to stay up-to-date with the constant change in the technology space and how it affects your business. Here are the stories that picqued our attention this week. …

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The Changing Role of the CMO: From Order Taker to Growth Driver

In CMO/Marketingby Shelly Kramer1 Comment

Today’s CMOs are dramatically different than CMOs of a decade ago. Today’s CMOs have a seat at the table when it comes to core business decisions, things like embracing and driving digital transformation, formulating and implementing growth strategies, technology adoption, forecasting revenue outlook, developing pipeline management strategies, and the like. Heavily invested in business decisions, modern CMOs must be adaptable, …

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The Next Big Use for AI? Meet Your Virtual Assistant, Scheduler Extraordinaire.

In Technologyby Misty McPaddenLeave a Comment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do so much already—power your company’s B2B sales process, transform your recruitment strategy, boost the potential for customer service, and more—but there’s one lingering question that has been on the mind of Principal Futurum Analyst, Shelly Kramer. “If AI is all about simplifying my life by eliminating mundane tasks, why can’t it schedule my meetings? My …

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Cisco Spark: A Collaboration Platform That Puts the ‘Transformation’ in ‘Digital Transformation’

In Digital Transformationby Eric VidalLeave a Comment

Have you heard the saying, “content is king?” Thanks to an evolving digital landscape paired with the unparalleled access provided by the spread of mobile technologies, there might be another word to add to success-driving workplace royalty: Collaboration. Our team at Broadsuite Media Group believes in the power of collaboration so strongly that we recently took a dive into Cisco …

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Is Fog Computing Going to Take Off in 2017? 

In Cloudby Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

As the Internet of Things transforms into the “internet of everything,” companies are beginning to see some shortcomings in traditional cloud environments. Sending every piece of data to the cloud and back again creates a strain on the system. The solution for faster computing and connectivity may lie in fog computing. Understand Fog and Edge Computing If you compare computing …

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Security Monitoring: Safeguarding Your Cloud 

In Securityby Daniel Newman1 Comment

Monitoring is a key component of cloud security. Firewalls, access controls, and encryption stand guard around the clock, but monitoring ensures every other security measure works properly. If cloud monitoring is not currently part of your cybersecurity strategy, consider incorporating monitoring activities this year. Why You Need Cloud Security Monitoring Measures Cloud technology appeals to businesses and IT departments because …