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Trends in Mobility [Report]

In Mobilityby Shelly Kramer2 Comments

Smartphones have become such a big part of our everyday lives that it’s easy to forget that it’s less than ten years since the first iPhone saw the light of day. To many, the fact that there was a time when our devices weren’t an integral part of our lives, connecting us to family, friends, and work 24/7 seems impossible. …

Can MSPs Build a Service Around Customer Journey Mapping?

In CMO/Marketingby Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

The history of customer journey mapping is deep and diverse, though it hasn’t always had the same name. Executives at large enterprises like Nordstrom recognized early that understanding customers is important to the success of a business. That’s why they developed their famously lenient return policy. By looking at customer needs and how they engage with your company, you gain …

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How the Internet of Things Will Impact Healthcare

In IoTby Shelly Kramer1 Comment

We’ve been talking a lot this month about the Internet of Things (IoT)—about all its promise for businesses and consumers, its role when it comes to big data, and the risks that will accompany its rise. It’s inarguably both a powerful and challenging tool for all of us across the spectrum of enterprise, from marketers to, CIOs, to IT professionals. …

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The Internet of Things is Here: Is Your Business Ready?

In IoTby Shelly Kramer1 Comment

The Internet of Things (IoT), or as many refer to it, the Internet of Everything (IoE), fueled by the power of big data, is changing the world as we know it. And it’s definitely changing the face of business and what business innovation looks like. Consider this: In 2008 there were more things connected to the Internet than there were …

Assessing Your Enterprise Clients’ Move to the Cloud

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Ah, the cloud—the place in the cybersky that enables all those applications and holds all that data for businesses both big and small. It seems like most companies these days have opted to take at least some tentative steps toward cloud—and if they haven’t yet, you can bet it’s been discussed. The more moving parts within a company, though, the …

The Sharing Economy is People Fueled and Cloud Powered

In Cloudby Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Sharing technology is all around us. Some well-known companies like Uber (get a ride) and AirBnB (get a room) have mastered it, providing utility and relevancy from their always-available apps. Note that now, though, there are sharing apps for more than just cars and beds. From food to friendship, we can get on-demand, geographically useful access to whatever we need, …

Insight Brokers: Can MSPs Simplify Big Data for Business?

In Big Databy Daniel Newman1 Comment

Big data is a big deal. It’s a term tossed around in the current business environment as a way to gain insights into a company environment or consumer needs. Resources can be streamlined through the use of big data by helping enterprises understand their employees and gauge the demand for products or services – and executives can use it for …

Digital Transformation is Different for Every Business. Let Your Talent and Your Customers Guide You

In Digital Transformationby Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Whenever a new technology is introduced, a new practice emerges, or research changes thought leadership, people often look at the information like it’s a blueprint. The veritable “Word of God.” The reality is that many emerging trends may not apply the same for one organization as they might for another. When it comes to digital transformation, the same principle is …

Five Important Ways Mobility Empowers the Workforce

In Mobilityby Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Say you’re in an unfamiliar town, and you’re craving sushi. You whip out your phone and type—or simply say—“sushi restaurants nearby.” Before you can blink an eye, you have a host of highly rated restaurants all within three miles of your current (unfamiliar) location. In this age …

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Cybersecurity Risks and the Healthcare System [Report]

In Securityby Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

When you think about online security, it’s a fair bet that the protection of your health records will be near the top of the list of the personal data that you value the most. Well, surprise: According to a new benchmark report, your personal health information would appear to be less well protected than you might imagine. The Insights Industry …