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A CIO’s Guide to Mobility Governance

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We live and work in a mobile world, there’s no question about that. As a result, the way we conduct business, is changing. All those devices that form the backbone of enterprise mobility—many of them falling under the potentially treacherous, still slightly “wild wild west’esque” BYOD category—can be great for productivity and employee satisfaction. They can be not so great, …

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Merging Technology – Infrastructure, Data Centers, and Networks During and After M&A (Merger and Acquisition)

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Lack of foresight when it comes to merging IT systems is one of the biggest roadblocks to a successful merger and acquisition (M&A). Regardless of the driving force of the union—a synergistic growth strategy, an unanticipated opportunity, or a lucrative buy-out—M&As can be tactical tools for growth. In the not too distant past, M&As weren’t so technically complex; maybe each …

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How Mobile Device Management Is a CIO’s Best Friend

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This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. In the age of Shadow IT, we don’t know what’s happening on employee devices—whether they’re personally owned or company issued. Are your employees brainstorming via the latest enterprise-approved social collaboration app, or scrolling through Instagram adding photos of internal office spaces (and possibly internal office proprietary documentation)? Is …

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IoT Is a Data Goldmine for Business

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In the past, companies could only gain insight into the needs and wants of their customers through surveys and reviews. After the internet entered the scene, businesses gained another way to look into the life of their consumers: Collecting information from which sites they visit. For years, companies have been amassing data via website traffic. While web surfing and the …

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Big Data: From Buzzword to Business Staple

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Does your company practice smarketing? Any plans to use the freemium pricing model for services in 2016? What about getting teams together to focus on growth hacking or scouring the headlines to prime your PR folks for the next newsjacking opportunity? No, this isn’t the Twilight Zone. Last year brought an interesting set of brand new buzzwords into the mainstream, …

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How Digital Transformation Impacts Everything about Your Business

In Digital Transformation by Daniel Newman1 Comment

Have a smartphone attached to you at all times? Use cloud applications on a daily basis? Technology has certainly affected our personal lives, but it’s also changed the way we do business. Even if you haven’t heard the term ‘digital transformation’ yet, odds are you’ve got at least a couple of initiatives already in the works that would fall under …

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Industrial IoT Takes the Market By Storm

In IoT by Daniel Newman1 Comment

Recapping the Intel Powered Dell IoT Solutions Display at Mobile World Congress 2016 At this year’s Mobile World Congress, one of the standout technologies was without question Internet of Things. Sure, it’s a mobile event, but with the impact of IoT, the mobile experience is changing. As part of my MWC journey, I had a unique opportunity to speak with …

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Big Data: Now an Integral Part of Talent Recruiting

In Big Data by Meghan M. BiroLeave a Comment

Big data is a driving force behind business strategy today—and human resources is no exception. It’s given recruiters the tools they need to make better hires and is changing the way organizations measure performance, boost employee engagement, prioritize training, and analyze talent needs. HR today has access to a gold mine of data, an unprecedented amount of information: insights, intelligence, …

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The Future of Technology Adoption and the Impact of Transformation

In Digital Transformation by Daniel Newman1 Comment

One of the great challenges for many companies when it comes to technology and its impact on corporate transformation isn’t whether to invest in it, it’s how to get employees using it after that investment is made. People are creatures of habit, and we become comfortable with the platforms we’ve grown to love. And, considering the pace of change that’s …

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The CIO’s Guide to Industrial IoT

In CIO/IT by Daniel Newman1 Comment

What is the industrial internet of things, you ask? Well, according to a recent Global Industrial IoT (internet of things) Market Research report, the industrial internet of things is commonly made up of four end-user segments: Manufacturing, energy and utilities, automotive, and transportation. Toss healthcare in there as well (definitely a member of the IIoT, if not one of the …