Cloud Cappuccino: Why SMB’s Should Think Cloud Computing

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An Entrepreneurial Approach To Emerging Tech For any small or midsize business owner, the costs of doing business are every bit as important as the revenues created. With sometimes-limited buying power, it has to be this way because small upticks in volume rarely yield great decreases in cost. Over the past decade, technology has been as disruptive as ever to …

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Big Data: A New Type Of Marketing ROI

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In November 2012 as we were heading into another national election, a relatively unknown blogger by the name of Nate Silver made a prediction. Based upon the information available to him, and everyone else, Silver believed that he could with tremendous accuracy predict not only who would win the United States Presidency, but he could guess state by state what the …

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Cloud Isn’t New, But It Is Disruptive

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This article is the final part of a 4 part follow up to the earlier published 4 Trends Transforming the Way We Communicate.  It seem like over the past couple of years the term cloud has found itself as the center of attention after a long spell of being of interest to only meteorologists and folks with nothing important to talk …

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How Big Data Is Causing A Big Disruption

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This article is the third of a 4 part follow up to the earlier published 4 Trends Transforming the Way We Communicate.  It would seem uncanny for me to suggest that we are no longer the masters of our own domain, or at very least the person that knows the most about ourselves, however, the time may have arrived for us …

Another Mobile Disruption: This Time Transportation in China!

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As everyone knows, the buzz phrase or word making the proverbial rounds among today’s marketers is “cloud.” From cloud computing to cloud storage and on and on – anything with the word “cloud” attached to it gets the immediate attention of marketers. Another similar buzz-worthy word is of course “mobile,” for it too causes any good marketer to sit up …

How Mobile Reshapes The Way We Communicate

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This article is the second of a 4 part follow up to the earlier published 4 Trends Transforming the Way We Communicate.  The time has finally arrived where our use of mobile devices has surpassed our use of our desktops and laptops. I guess that may have come to a surprise to some people, but if you have had your head …

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How Social Media Is Disrupting Communication

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  This article is the first of a 4 part follow up to the earlier published 4 Trends Transforming the Way We Communicate. The original article can be found here. Everybody on the planet would probably agree that the world’s youth are pervasive users of social media. The generation often referred to as the millennials embrace their social platforms and that is why …

Are People Really Going To Use #AmazonCart?

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Have you ever been so compelled by a brand tweet that you just have to have their product now, or at least you have to buy it right now? And I’m not talking about some delectable food image or a late night delivery from Taco Bell, but rather a product like a book or gadget or something that you would …

Internet of Things: Time For A Name Change?

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While an exact number may be all but impossible to come by, the estimated 10 billion devicesconnected to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) in 2014 isn’t really all that many. I mean, we live in a world of more than 7 billion people, so if you look at it that way, there isn’t even 1.5 connected devices per person on earth. Now …

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4 Technology Trends Disrupting How We Communicate

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As much as I love to get out and do public speaking, running a business can make it really hard to find the time to travel, deliver a presentation and keep up with the day to day operations. Especially without worrying about what you may be missing back at the office. However, tomorrow I will be heading off to deliver …