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Converge Tech and Business Week in Review – February 18, 2017

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Voice-activated assistants and cool/creepy mail sentiment analysis, sneakers a hot online fraud item, what marketers need to know about AI, and the things that keep security experts up at night. Here’s an overview of the tech and business news that we think you might want to know about this week. Cortana introduces ‘suggested reminders’ based on email content. Voice-activated assistants …

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Creating a Culture that Embraces Tech Change

In Digital Transformation by Daniel Newman2 Comments

Technology holds the key to prosperity and growth for many businesses. That said, you’ll need a culture of change and adaptability if you want to make the most of it. Even more than size and budget, culture is a huge predictor of a company’s ability to succeed in today’s digital age. The good news: you can build a culture that …

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Time for Chatbots to Get Smart

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When you imagine the ideal chatbot, what do you picture? The bot in your mind’s eye may resemble something along the lines of blockbuster movie favorites like Baymax from “Big Hero 6,” “Wall-E’s” EVE, or my personal hero, C-3PO. You probably didn’t imagine a small tower that lives on your shelf, like Alexa; a virtual being that resides in the …

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Choosing the Right Cloud Platform for Your Startup

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Cloud platforms aren’t an option for businesses, they are a must. I’d be hard-pressed without one for personal use. But for those who are new to cloud technology, finding the best solution for your startup in the crowded cloud market can be challenging. The good news is, options abound. Assess Your Cloud Needs The first step is determining if your business …

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HIPAA Security and Awareness Training: An Integral Part of the Compliance Strategy

In Security by Kirk WrightLeave a Comment

When it comes to implementing a robust security protocol, employee training is one of the most critical—and often overlooked—aspects of a solid plan. Security and awareness training is also an integral part of HIPAA compliance.  But, according to a recent review of NueMD’s 2016 HIPAA Survey Update: “Healthcare organizations are also falling behind on annual HIPAA training. Currently, 58 …

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Technology and the Future of Sex [and Dating]

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Technology has revolutionized how we approach everything from our businesses to our social lives to—well, even our sex lives. The internet has opened virtual doors for both pornography and online dating—two industries thriving in our uber-connected society. Let’s examine what the digital explosion has done for sex and dating—and vice versa—and explore at what’s in store for the future. Porn: …

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The Future of Videoconferencing 

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Modern workplaces are made of much more than cubicles, bricks, and mortar. In this digital world where teams and business partnerships aren’t always composed of players in the same city, state, or even country, connectivity and collaboration reign supreme. Video is a powerful medium that satisfies those evolving needs, changing everything from how consumers shop to how teams—like our 30-strong …

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Converge Tech and Business Week in Review – February 11, 2017

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Every week is an exciting week when it comes to what’s happening in the tech space—here are the stories we found most interesting this week in tech and business. Building the predictive enterprise: What CIOs should tell CEOs about artificial intelligence. Digital transformation is happening at a fast pace and people within your organization need to be ready to embrace …

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Video Collaboration: Five Trends to Watch in 2017 

In Collaboration by Eric Vidal1 Comment

Video collaboration has become a critical component of enterprise infrastructure, enabling teams to communicate efficiently regardless of their physical location. Essentially, video has made collaboration in the workforce more about contributions and less about coordinates—a feature especially relevant to our largely-remote team of 30+ here at V3 Broadsuite. We’re not alone. Video collaboration is growing more important for businesses of …

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Cybersecurity Insights from 2016 Security Breaches

In Security by Daniel Newman1 Comment

In 2016, more than 2 billion records were reported stolen in breaches that occurred the same year and just-discovered breaches from the past. The Identity Theft Resource Center recorded 980 breaches during the calendar year, accounting for millions of stolen high-value records (including Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, medical, and financial information). These increasingly common incidences offer valuable cybersecurity …