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Cisco Live — Collaboration Goes Cognitive and Interoperable

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Cisco Live 2019 was about the future of collaboration, which is all about cognitive collaboration and interoperability. The Cisco ecosystem has always had vastly more collaboration tools (contact center, VoIP, on and off-prem) than many of the upstart cloud players, but in the age where less is more and simple wins hearts, Cisco has needed a wildcard to differentiate their meeting tools.

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Nexign is Right to See Digital Gold in the Oil and Gas Sector

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Nexign’s entry into the energy sector by way of an alliance with Gazpro is a smart bet, allowing Nexign to diversify beyond its telco core and fuel expansion into international segments, fueling growth across a variety of market segments. Digital transformation is definitely eyeing the energy sector, and this move is but one of more I’m sure we’ll see.

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Salesforce Acquires Tableau — Aggressive and Smart Acquisitions by Benioff Continue

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Salesforce acquires Tableau in what is another aggressive and smart acquisition by Salesforce’s Benioff. The battle for cloud dominance is a serious one, and the reality is that the AI-powered, data and analytics, data visualization enterprise is here. The market for data, information, and analytics reflects that, with the market expected to hit $2 trillion by 2020. This move by Salesforce and others in the cloud space aren’t surprising. Enterprises understand that data and analytics are everything, and the more you know, the better you can perform. And cloud vendors want those customers.

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Cisco Live 2019 — Tactical, Not Inspirational, and That’s Okay

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Chuck Robbins’ keynote at Cisco Live 2019 wasn’t particularly inspirational, but instead heavy on tactics.. The company’s strategy is driven by tying together users, data, applications, and security through infrastructure. This is driving companies—and Cisco’s customers—to succeed in transforming, and who sometimes tactics over inspiration is okay. Especially when you take a company like Cisco’s performance into consideration.