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Marvell Industry Analyst Day 2020: Marvell is Securely Sailing Cloud-High on LiquidSecurity Portfolio

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Marvell is becoming more prominent in protecting rapid cloud data center growth through its LiquidSecurity portfolio. With enterprises rapidly accelerating their adoption of public cloud resources, relying on HSM-enabled cloud security helps attain peace of mind in fulfilling their highest priority cloud security requirements. Futurum’s Ron Westfall breaks down here why he believes Marvell is strongly positioned to further expand its influence across the hyperscaler cloud ecosystem and drive more enterprise adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud services and applications.

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AT&T Business CEO Anne Chow Keynotes the Economist Event Series —A Whole New (contactless) World: The Rise of Digital Identity

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Last week AT&T Business CEO Anne Chow keynoted The Economist Event Series — a Whole New (contactless) World: The Rise of Digital Identity. In her conversation with The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran, they discussed the convergence of the physical and digital worlds and the need for connectivity to support a distributed infrastructure. Their conversation also touched on the impact of a rapid pivot on corporate culture, what business leaders need to consider, as well as what some key industries are focusing on right now.

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Cisco WebexOne: Cisco Injects Webex with a Massive Dose of Exciting AI-powered Features

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At the Cisco WebexOne event, Cisco rolled out some exciting AI-based upgrades to Webex, suggesting more smart automation in the product’s future. Combine these newest enhancements with Cisco’s commitment to security across its ecosystem, and you’ve got a real winner. If Cisco wanted to show that it too could be one of the cool kids, mission accomplished!

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Juniper Reveals Data Center Intentions with Apstra Acquisition

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Overall, Juniper made a smart choice in pulling the trigger on acquiring Apastra. Data center environments will require Apstra AOS-enabled IBN intelligence to handle the fast-emerging demands, such as compute-intensive AI/ML workloads, HPC clusters, and 5G-IoT builds, on their resources (e.g., DCIs, 400G upgrades). In the near future, however, the main portfolio development and marketing question for Juniper is “How soon is now” in orchestrating all of its recent acquisition pieces into a more cohesive, fully integrated data center networking proposition that challenges Cisco more broadly and directly.