View Post Addresses Growing Enterprise Need for AI Model Assurance

In AI by James KobielusLeave a Comment addresses a growing enterprise need for AI model assurance. That said, there are both challenges and opportunities ahead for this AI startup. Model assurance is the ability to determine whether an AI application’s machine learning (ML) models remain predictively fit for their assigned tasks. This is a critical feature of any operational AI DevOps platform, which is one of the reasons caught my attention. I see both challenges and opportunities ahead for this AI startup.

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Google’s TensorFlow Quantum Is a Key Industry Milestone in Machine Learning Acceleration

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Google’s latest announcement lands in a fast-moving, but still immature, quantum computing marketplace. By extending the most popular open-source ML development framework, Google will almost certainly catalyze use of TensorFlow Quantum in a wide range of ML-related initiatives. The Google-developed quantum ML framework will find its way into a wide range of other solution providers’ quantum computing environments. So what will Google’s likely next move be in the Quantum ML space? Read on to see what I think.

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Ericsson Automated eSIM Solutions Makes Activation of Samsung Devices a Breeze

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Ericsson unveils its entitlement server solution for on-device eSIM subscription activation for smartphone – beginning with Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip, following the launch this past January of its eSIM solution. Not only do these eSIM solutions make the customer experience a better one, they deliver big value to both Ericsson and Samsung, especially as it relates to the success of 5G success as a global transformational technology. Here’s a deeper look at why these eSIM solutions matter, to both of these companies, and what I believe is next.

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Failing IoT Security Means Old Malware Makes IoT Comeback

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Failing IoT security measures have led to a resurgence of the Cornflicker worm, impacting IoT connected healthcare devices and others — and that’s not going to cut it in today’s internet-driven, everything-connected world. IoT devices, in the healthcare world and elsewhere, must treated just as carefully as employee computers, servers, and other devices. They must be connected to network security, continuously monitored and scanned, maintained by way of security patches, and updated on a regular basis. There should be no halfway measures here, in the healthcare industry or otherwise — security of IoT connected devices is too important to business operations and business continuity.

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NVIDIA Acquisition of SwiftStack Facilitates Cloud-to-Edge Data Management for AI and HPC

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It is apparent that NVIDIA recognizes its current market-leading status in AI chipsets won’t necessary last forever. By focusing on the enterprise stack—the data center, enterprise computing, and all things related to the future of AI in the enterprise, the company plots a path forward that allows it to sustain its impressive growth record. The company’s acquisition of SwiftStack provides NVIDIA with a software-driven data storage and management platform for acceleration of deep learning, analytics, and high-performance computing applications across multiclouds.