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Just How Techy Is Your Marketing Department?

In Marketing by Eric Vidal1 Comment

Technology isn’t just for your IT department. Marketing technology, or MarTech, is a hot topic, especially as organizations ready their 2017 budgets. Why should your business pay attention to the marketing automation trends for the coming year? Companies have access to an increasing amount of data about consumers, and applying that data via advanced applications like target account list building, …

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The Samsung Brand is Engulfed in Flames—Is Your Brand Next

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It’s not uncommon to see brands in the headlines. Sometimes it’s for their successes—like when LinkedIn came around and allowed influencers to post short videos or when Facebook Messenger took a dive into chatbots. Sometimes it’s for making major organizational shifts—like when Oracle purchased NetSuite, giving a $9.3 billion nod to cloud and stepping out of its enterprise-only approach. Sometimes, though, it’s for all the wrong reasons—like when the …

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Tackling Collaborative Overload in Your Organization

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Collaborative activities drive business outcomes because they open channels of communication and invite innovation. Today’s millennial workers, especially, are accustomed to working in close-knit teams, bouncing ideas off each other, and earning instant feedback from colleagues. While strong communication remains a cornerstone of the modern business model, too much of anything can become a problem. When collaborative overload taxes your …

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Why Business Transformations Fail

In Digital Transformation by Eric Vidal1 Comment

We often talk about how digital transformation can be a game changer for your business, but what about other kinds of organizational shifts? They’re all too common. In fact, businesses today must transform to keep up with evolving consumer behavior, emerging technologies, changing laws and regulations, and the spread of globalization. Corporate transformations can be challenging, and data consistently shows …

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The IoT Creating Value for Our Cities

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There’s no question the IoT is at an inflection point for enterprise organizations, as the IoT’s connectedness and data saturation has been the catalyst for both repurposing old technologies and shaping new ones. It’s clearly revolutionized how we work, but what about how we live? Most of us already know connected cars are coming (and quickly), but think bigger: Smart …

Patient Privacy & Data Security: Utilizing IT Vendors To Meet HIPAA Compliance & Avoid Risks

In Security by Eric Vidal

Many Covered Entities don’t have the budget needed for the equipment, systems, technology, personnel, and other overhead costs associated with maintaining an on-site data center. The high cost of a HIPAA violation — whether it has financial or legal implications — simply isn’t worth it. Outsourcing data management to a third-party data center partner should simply be a top priority …

Top 10 Critical Questions to Ask Your Colocation Provider

In Security by Eric Vidal

Whether you’re moving your IT infrastructure to a colocation provider for the first time or looking to switch to a new provider, finding the right partner to keep your operations running 24/7/365 is a critical piece of the puzzle. Working with a colocation partner can lower operational and personnel costs, increase reliability, boost performance and re- directing resources. Download this …