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Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir Digital Event Recap

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The opening session of the Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir Digital event was kicked off by Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian outlining Google Cloud strategy around accelerating digital transformation in the cloud — something pretty much every business is focused on right now. The sessions that followed focused on Productivity & Collaboration, Infrastructure, Security, Data Analytics, Data Management & Databases, Application Modernization, Cloud AI, and wrapping up with Business Application Platform, featuring relatively deep dives on them all. Google Cloud continues to work to make inroads in the cloud arena and this was an impressive look at some of their progress on that front.

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Xoogler School — Former Googlers’ Virtual Tech School Offering is the Right Thing at the Right Time

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Xoogler School, a virtual tech school offering run by a group of ex-Google employees, caught my eye this week. Named after Google shorthand for former employees, Xoogler’s virtual tech offering is an eight-week course that will let students learn from a wide variety of folks who have spent time in the trenches at Google, arguably one of Silicon Valley’s most sought-after tech companies to work for. If you’ve got a college student weighing his or her options as it relates to college this fall, especially if he or she is interested in the technology space, it’s probably worth checking this out. Note that early applications are being accepted now.

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Samsung’s AppStack Launch is a Boon to SMBs Seeking to Embrace Digital Transformation

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Samsung’s AppStack launch is a boon to SMBs seeking to embrace digital transformation. Solutions range from G Suite’s collaboration platform, to CRMs, time tracking, design, POS offerings, and more. AppStack is billed as a one stop, easy-to-manage, no-risk, lower cost technology solution and is an attractive offering. Now, comes the hard part — getting consumer attention and driving trial.

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Microsoft Inspire: Microsoft Makes New Investments to Drive Organizational Resiliency for Partners

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At Microsoft’s Inspire event the company highlighted its Return to Workplace offering, with investments intended to help clients and partners build and enable resilient organizations around the world as we collectively shift to a digital first mindset. Already a significant player in the enterprise workforce, the continued strengthening of its various offerings, all designed to seamlessly work together, serve the myriad needs across the enterprise, as well as in the partner ecosystem, means that organizations don’t have to look outside the Microsoft solution set to do what it is they need to do. I would guess this makes other SaaS providers nervous, and rightfully so.

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Google Announces Digital Job Training Program to Help with Economic Recovery

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Grow with Google is designed to help jumpstart the economy by helping workers learn skills that will make them more appealing to employers (college degrees not required), and also to help employers fill what is often a gigantic skills gap. As part of this initiative, Google is offering grants, offering apprenticeship positions at Google, expanding its IT Certificate Employer Consortium and more. The future of work continues to be about an always-learning mindset, individually and in the business world, and this is another way Big Tech is stepping up to make that possible.

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Amazon Web Services Increases Availability of AWS IoT SiteWise for Industrial Customers

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Amazon recently announced that AWS IoT SiteWise will be available to all AWS customers in certain regions soon. SiteWise is a managed service that gathers and organizes data in a way that helps industrial customers make informed decisions when it comes to monitoring facility operations, making new applications, improving production, determining performance metrics, and more. We expect to be hearing much more about AWS IoT SiteWise in the months to come.