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How Coronavirus COVID-19 is Driving Change in HR Operations

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Coronavirus COVID-19 is in many ways accelerating changes in the way we work that have already been happening. For HR leaders, coronavirus COVID-19 is driving significant change in HR operations that comes with its own set of challenges. HR ops has always been a gigantic responsibility within an organization, and we take a look here at how that responsibility has gotten even more critical.

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What to do About Zoombombing as Hackers and Security Issues Plague Zoom

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Zoombombing is but one of the security concerns that Zoom is dealing with right now, as a lawsuit is filed in California citing a violation of the CCPA and the NY Attorney General is asking some tough questions about the company’s security practices. Zoom shares have skyrocketed since the beginning of the year and I am thrilled by their success. The path forward, however, relies on security. If the company is going to retain a customer base, especially that oh-so-valuable paid customer base that is what really allows companies to deliver shareholder value, then a proactive security first mindset is going to have to be the mantra they embrace and lead with. We’ll all be watching, and hoping they get this right.

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Amazon’s AWS Doubles Down on Sales Growth, Offering Deeper Tech Expertise

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Amazon’s AWS doubles down on sales growth, expanding its sales team to offer deeper tech expertise including cybersecurity, AI, and data analytics. With Microsoft (and others) nipping at its heels, Amazon is reportedly doubling its sales team and shifting from its early focus on servers and storage to what it is customers need today — sales expertise and guidance around intelligent cloud offerings.