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Samsung Developing Its Own Blockchain Network and Cryptocurrency?

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Samsung is taking its blockchain efforts to another level. Sources close to the company report that the tech giant is looking to develop its own proprietary blockchain network as well as its own cryptocurrency, the Samsung Coin, at some point. The Samsung blockchain news comes from Coin Desk Korea from an anonymous source “familiar with Samsung’s internal situation”. The information …

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Salesforce Acquires Tableau — Aggressive and Smart Acquisitions by Benioff Continue

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Salesforce acquires Tableau in what is another aggressive and smart acquisition by Salesforce’s Benioff. The battle for cloud dominance is a serious one, and the reality is that the AI-powered, data and analytics, data visualization enterprise is here. The market for data, information, and analytics reflects that, with the market expected to hit $2 trillion by 2020. This move by Salesforce and others in the cloud space aren’t surprising. Enterprises understand that data and analytics are everything, and the more you know, the better you can perform. And cloud vendors want those customers.

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CMO Focus for 2019: What’s Ahead [Report]

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Marketing leaders are facing new challenges, with eight in ten considering their role has broadened, and more than one in four saying the changes have been significant. No surprise then that having the right talent to meet these challenges is the CMO focus for 2019, as they look to drive organic growth in their organizations. These conclusions come from the …

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Collection #1 Data Breach – What You Need to Know

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If you’ve not yet heard, there’s been yet another data breach. So, what’s new, right? Security breaches most often occur because of a lack of awareness around security and, to be honest, because most of us are fairly lazy when it comes to password security. The Collection #1 data breach is no ordinary breach, impacting some 772,904,991 email addresses and …

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Apple Samsung Deal Was a Crucial Move for Apple

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Apple’s deal with Samsung, making its iTunes app available on Samsung’s 2019 Smart TVs, was a crucial move for Apple and its future in the world of streaming media offerings. Why the Apple Samsung Deal Matters  Here’s a simple explanation illustrating why the Apple Samsung deal matters so much. I have an Apple TV device. It’s old enough it’s probably …

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Debbie Madden on How to Build Diverse and Inclusive Teams

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I interviewed Debbie Madden, CEO, and Founder of Stride Consulting and author of recently the published Hire Women on a recent episode of my Future of Work Talk show. Debbie’s company is an Agile software development consultancy located in NYC and it’s the fifth company Debbie has built from the ground up. So, who is Debbie Madden? In short, she’s pretty badass. …