The Perils of Shadow IT: Your Most Senior Executives Are Doing It

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They say any press is good press, and the ruling is still out as to whether or not Hillary Clinton knowingly broke any laws when she used a private, home based email account for official State business as Secretary of State. She admitted on Tuesday that she had made a mistake and should’ve created two email accounts: a government one …

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The High Costs of Dirty Data

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Every day, businesses collect a mountain of data about their existing and potential customers — vital information that is rightly seen as the lifeblood of sales and profits. While resources have often targeted data quantity, the focus on quality is moving up on the agenda. Executives recognize that inaccurate or “dirty” data can have a negative impact on revenue, as …

Cloud and the Revolutionization of Business

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I spend a fair amount of time thinking about, writing about technology and how it’s changing the world of business. I’m guessing that you do, too, whether you’re in marketing, sales or IT – am I right? I spent the early part of this week in Las Vegas attending IBM’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference and the focus of the event was …