Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud is Every IT Team’s Goal

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Here’s something that I hear all the time and I’m sure you do as well: “The future of business is cloud technology.” A decade ago, the pundits and prognosticators who uttered these words may have had been considered visionaries, but today, cloud is not only the future, it’s very much the present. As those of us in the tech space …

The Big Risks of Big Data Mining

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“Every step you take, I’ll be watching you” – when Sting wrote those lyrics back in the ’80’s he most certainly wasn’t thinking about digital data collection. But whether we realize it or not, every digital step we take is indeed being watched—with the resulting data providing a frightening wealth of information about our lives. Those of us who work …

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How to Win at Cross-Channel Marketing [Study]

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Never before have marketers had so much data available to them about the habits of consumers. Never before though have they struggled so much to make connected and meaningful sense of this treasure trove of information. That’s the headline from a new report that takes a snapshot of today’s cross-channel, multi-screen marketing landscape. The goal? To provide insight into the …

CIO Perceptions Misaligned with Their Business Peers [Study]

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Ever since computers were first introduced into commerce back in the 1950s, the role of the IT leader has been evolving. It didn’t take long before the digital revolution placed technology at the center of the business world. Now often to be found with a seat at the C-Suite table, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have been adopting a more central …

Will Digital Healthcare Technology Kill the Independent Physician?

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Modern healthcare is at a tipping point. The use of technology in our health sector, backed up by incentives to implement digital solutions, is increasing rapidly—driven not only by a need to improve efficiency and outcomes—but also to reduce costs. Pressure is mounting on physicians and medical facilities to join the digital revolution. Just like in other industries, this new …

IT Pros and Working Toward The Frictionless Enterprise

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In an era of increasing reliance on technology in business, the traditional in-house IT model for enterprise companies is coming under pressure as other aspects of the organization look for a more nimble approach. In many instances, it’s not unusual for the IT function to be viewed as something of an obstruction to be worked around rather than an asset …

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For CMO or CIO, Being Future Ready Means Going Full Stack

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I’m pretty sure no CIO or chief marketing officer (CMO) would argue this fact: As digital technology has evolved, the worlds of IT and marketing have become even more complicated and intertwined. What were once separate functions in organizations, particularly large ones, have increased in complexity. Silos are falling, digital technology is no longer the sole bastion of the IT …

NIH Seeks Your Input: Data Collection Best Practices for Devices and Wearables

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Type “wearable health tech” into a search engine and you’ll see seemingly endless lists of smart watches, devices, and apps designed to help manage your health and fitness. That’s a reflection of the skyrocketing ownership of wearables and mobile devices and our enthusiasm to use them to monitor and, hopefully improve, our well being. Now U.S medical researchers are looking …

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The Changing Role of the CIO [Study]

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The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is one that has seen constant change over the years, as the rapid pace of the digital revolution has presented business with new opportunities and challenges. That evolution seems likely to continue according to a recent study, which suggests that IT leaders see themselves playing a much more strategic role in the …

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Mobile Marketing Automation: A Must for Businesses and MSPs

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With the proliferation of mobile devices and the development of effective and accessible automation technologies, is this the year mobile marketing automation (MMA) becomes table stakes for business success? I think the implications here are much broader than that, as the managed mobility service market itself is exploding. So, not only do businesses need to be paying attention to mobility …