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NVIDIA Acquisition of SwiftStack Facilitates Cloud-to-Edge Data Management for AI and HPC

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It is apparent that NVIDIA recognizes its current market-leading status in AI chipsets won’t necessary last forever. By focusing on the enterprise stack—the data center, enterprise computing, and all things related to the future of AI in the enterprise, the company plots a path forward that allows it to sustain its impressive growth record. The company’s acquisition of SwiftStack provides NVIDIA with a software-driven data storage and management platform for acceleration of deep learning, analytics, and high-performance computing applications across multiclouds.

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Google Cloud and AT&T Team to Build 5G Edge Computing Solutions

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Google Cloud partnering with AT&T to build 5G edge computing solutions is a move toward helping telcos optimize for 5G wireless applications. It’s also a move that’s central to Google’s strategy of moving the company beyond its core ad business and working to claim a larger share of the enterprise cloud business. What’s most noteworthy about this announcement from Google Cloud is the breadth of its strategy for partnering with 5G carriers, including, but not limited to, AT&T. Here’s a look at that in greater depth.

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Amazon’s AWS Doubles Down on Sales Growth, Offering Deeper Tech Expertise

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Amazon’s AWS doubles down on sales growth, expanding its sales team to offer deeper tech expertise including cybersecurity, AI, and data analytics. With Microsoft (and others) nipping at its heels, Amazon is reportedly doubling its sales team and shifting from its early focus on servers and storage to what it is customers need today — sales expertise and guidance around intelligent cloud offerings.