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Traditional IT vs Cloud Computing: Gain the Competitive Advantage

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There are many reasons why your business should to move to the cloud and away from traditional IT. Getting out of the data center business makes you more efficient, more secure, and provides greater flexibility. The cloud also offers other benefits, such as automation, increased collaboration, efficient disaster recovery, and faster time to market. The business challenges the cloud solves …

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Everything You Need to Know About Infrastructure as a Service

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As companies are scaling up quickly during this time of digital transformation, many are discovering the benefits of a hefty IT department. However, they are not finding the budget to go with it. To meet this demand, many cloud service providers are offering a variety of services that meet the IT needs of organizations in a more cost-effective and productive …

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How Are SMBs Using the Cloud in 2018?

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Throughout the rest of 2018, small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) are expected to continue to increase their usage of cloud services for data storage, file hosting and sharing, web-based email and customer relationship management — in other words, almost every essential function of business. A vast majority of SMBs are already using at least one cloud-based application, and that number …

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6 Reasons to Develop Smarter Workplaces

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Technology is everywhere we look and although it seems to have infiltrated every part of our world, it is still gaining speed. Companies—quickly learning that traditional is no longer required—have been behind schedule in their movement to develop smarter workplaces. Millennials are demanding change. Many believe that technology advancements such as augmented reality and virtual reality would increase their productivity. …