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Flexible Consumption: What Makes Cloud The Ultimate SMB Play

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Whether at work or on the couch enjoying your favorite show, it is hard for even a few minutes to go without hearing something about the cloud. It’s here, we get it and by in large we like it; at least what we know about it. However, for the average small business owner, they are still trying to figure out …

Cloud Cappuccino: Why SMB’s Should Think Cloud Computing

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An Entrepreneurial Approach To Emerging Tech For any small or midsize business owner, the costs of doing business are every bit as important as the revenues created. With sometimes-limited buying power, it has to be this way because small upticks in volume rarely yield great decreases in cost. Over the past decade, technology has been as disruptive as ever to …

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Cloud Isn’t New, But It Is Disruptive

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This article is the final part of a 4 part follow up to the earlier published 4 Trends Transforming the Way We Communicate.  It seem like over the past couple of years the term cloud has found itself as the center of attention after a long spell of being of interest to only meteorologists and folks with nothing important to talk …

Cloud Marketplace: An SMB Game Changer #IBMImpact

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For the last 3 years I have been beating the drum of the new buyer’s journey. It isn’t speculation or even an educated guess, rather a trend rooted in hard data. In short, consumers are looking for ways to buy more of what they need with less interaction from sales. In one Forrester study they found that the average consumer …

Social, Cloud, The Beatles and the Millennial CEO

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It’s like the Beatles arriving in America all over again. A culture shift is upon us. The winds are changing, the boomers are aging, and the reigns of start-ups, small businesses and enterprises are slowly but surely being turned over to the Millennials. Much like when John, Paul, George and Ringo touched down in New York in 1964, there was some resistance at first, but …

7 Cloud Capabilities Clouding Executive Views

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The cloud is all the rage. From Apple’s iCloud to Netflix to Dropbox to Google Apps, we are surrounded by cloud talk. Business use is driving consumer use. Meanwhile, consumer use is creating a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) landscape, and companies are feeling the pressure to embrace the cloud. However, business executives are at best cloudy about the value …