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Artificial Intelligence and Automation: Predictions for the Future

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Perhaps the biggest irony about artificial intelligence (AI) is that—despite the many things AI can tell us—it can’t tell us how it will ultimately impact our lives, economy, or world. In fact, the impact of AI and automation on our job market and economy has been steadily debated—and loudly—for the last few years, with the story constantly changing. With AI …

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The Importance of Building a Social Business Landscape for Your Business #CMOTalk

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For many companies, the concept of social business is often poorly understood, poorly executed and, in some cases, completely overlooked. What is social business and why is it important? That’s what Broadsuite Media Group’s Shelly Kramer, host of #CMOTalk, and her guest, Travis Wright, explore on this episode of the show. What is social business and why is it important? …

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SMACtalk 78: The Changing Role of the Enterprise CMO with Tom Libretto #Pegaworld

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In this week’s episode of SMACtalk, hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman had the opportunity to speak with Pegasystems CMO, Tom Libretto. Joining Pega just under a year ago, Tom is a seasoned marketing executive with a strong track record in driving results for the enterprise market. Tom has a strong background in driving fast moving marketing teams within the …