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The Future of Work: Co-Working and Bundled Services—Why WeWork’s Strategy Works

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  Bundling services adds value—there’s no doubt about that. In fact, you’ve probably been enjoying a bundled service withoutgiving the convenience a second thought, especially as a seamless consumer experience is now an expectation and not a perk. For example, do you use enterprise resource management (ERP) software from Oracle, SAP, or a similar provider? Do you leverage any of …

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From Learn to Earn: How HP is Reinventing the Partner User Experience

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Last summer, I wrote about the difference between invisible and visible innovation—that is, how visible innovation is iteration-driven and built around features, and invisible innovation is inspired by redefining processes and experiences. Both approaches have value, of course, especially given today’s fast-paced marketplace. But what happens when they collide? I’m in a unique position to answer that question because at HP, …

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How Amazon is Going to Shake Up the Ad Industry

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Brands and their agencies bank on knowing their customers. After all, delivering a winning customer experience—a must for organizations that want to compete for consumers’ attention in this increasingly digital marketplace—is all about tailoring message and delivery. Understanding customer personas, habits, preferences, and tendencies is critical—this knowledge drives campaigns, sells products, and makes advertisers money. In short, it is the business of advertising. …

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UX Strategy: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

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In the past decade, we’ve seen the creation of many new verbs—tweet, uber, and “swipe left”—added to the global lexicon. The reason: companies like Twitter, Uber, and Tinder have created a UX powerful enough to disrupt our standard way of living. How can all companies experience that kind of success? Hint: it isn’t just about good design. It’s about creating …

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Modern Marketing Meets Modern Technology: Greatness Ensues

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Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Sure, the Brand Bowl takes place adjacent to the Super Bowl each year, but if you are a business owner, leader, or marketer, it is safe to say that your role is changing. For the doomsayers, this change is scary. In fact, there are countless pundits out there proclaiming a sentiment of doom …