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MATRIXX Software and AWS Roll Out Digital Transformation Assessments to Spur 5G Monetization

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MATRIXX Software, expanding its collaboration with AWS, makes a compelling bid to gain early mindshare in driving the rapidly unfolding CSP, supplier, public cloud collaboration frameworks within emerging 5G environments. Here’s what I think is ahead as it relates to MATRIXX’s next moves as well as the competitive landscape and what to expect on that front.

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Netcracker Showcases AWS Relation To Validate Cloud Benefits For CSP Clients

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By stepping up industry awareness of its established public cloud relations and portfolio expertise, Netcracker bolsters its ability to fulfill more CSP adoption of cloud platforms in order to catalyze their digital transformation journeys and spur their 5G deployments, especially by 2021. The move is a solid indicator of broader collaboration between cloud providers and telco software suppliers throughout 2020 including potential M&A activity.

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Google, Apple COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Partnership — A Look at the Good and the Bad

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The Google, Apple COVID-19 contact-tracing partnership pits infectious disease mitigation against data privacy and security challenges. While the project has a lot going for it, its two most obvious potential flaws are data security vulnerabilities and people choosing simply to not opt-in. Here’s a look at how it will work, as well as an analysis of the pros and cons at work here.

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2020 Outlook: Operators Must Implement Hardware-to-Software (HW2SW) Transformation or Risk 5G Implosion

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Futurum Research, in partnership with Intel, completed a global research study of 465 business and technology professionals helping to shape, implement, and support these initiatives to better comprehend the Hardware-to-Software (HW2SW) journeys service providers must undertake to successfully navigate digital transformation.

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Internet Satellites Continue to Crowd the Skies — SpaceX and OneWeb Lead the Way

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Internet satellites continue to crowd the skies, with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s OneWeb leading the way. With early-stage space tech investments reported thus far at about $24 billion invested in 500 companies, this sector is beginning its boom. Specific to internet satellites, what does that mean for our skies? What is the FAA focused on as it relates to space tech? What are the overriding concerns for the space tech industry? Here’s what we think is ahead.