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Transform Your Workplace Using AR, MR, and VR

April 24, 2018

It’s hard for many to imagine tech like virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR) being used anywhere but the world of entertainment and video games. After all, Pokemon Go gave AR its biggest bump yet in terms of popularity, and gaming seems like the most logical place that VR—and its often-clunky headsets—would find a home. But believe it or …

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Why Marc Benioff’s AI bet will power Salesforce’s next wave of growth

April 23, 2018

In September 2016, unveiled its artificial-intelligence solution — dubbed Einstein — as the ultimate companion to helping businesses manage their relationships with customers. With the exponential growth of data and Salesforce’s desire to become more predictive and prescriptive along every step of the customer journey, CEO Marc Benioff saw the integration of AI as a natural next step in …

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Knowledge Transfer: The Key to Business Sustainability and Digital Transformation Success #DigitalTransformation Talk 003

June 12, 2017

The transfer of information from generation to generation is vital to the success of any business. It’s never been more important than it is now, when we are seeing Baby Boomers begin to retire and Gen Xers and Millennials in key leadership roles, assuming the responsibility of continued business growth and success. Developing a “tribal culture” and devoting a concerted …

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How Collaboration Technology Benefits Human Resource Teams #DigitalTransformation Talk 002

June 8, 2017

Collaboration technology is a booming business, and with good reason—it benefits just about every part of an organization. But when it comes to human resource teams, collaboration technology and the efficiencies and productivity that can be a result of the adoption of a collaboration platform can be off the charts. Why? Collaboration is about people, connection, productivity, and culture. And …

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Digital Transformation and the Role Collaboration Technology Plays #DigitalTransformation Talk 001

June 5, 2017

Imagine working in a team setting which requires constant contact and conversation with your co-workers. Easy enough, right? Now imagine your co-workers don’t work in a cubical close to yours—in fact, they work across the country or even across the world. This digital transformation of business culture, and of the workplace, is becoming more commonplace, and the globalization of the …