STOP: Read This Before You Hire an SaaS Vendor

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stop-read-this-before-you-hire-an-saas-vendorIt’s no secret that software as a service (SaaS) solutions have become mainstream for enterprise organizations. In fact, a recent survey of CIOs found a whopping 56 percent of enterprise application deployments over the next five years are expected to be SaaS-based. All that growth makes good sense, right? Optimizing SaaS solutions can boost efficiency and ultimately profitability for businesses, and these dynamic, cloud-based approaches are cornerstones to keeping companies competitive in the digital world.

You’re probably thinking something like, “Yeah, I already knew that.” And we know you did. You’re a smart, tech-savvy Converge reader, after all, and you want to know what all this SaaS-speak means for your business.

Consider this: If you’re going to be married to your SaaS provider for any period of time, you’ve got to date it first. Because SaaS is booming with no signs of slowing down, odds are your organization will soon be evaluating vendors (if you aren’t already).

Do you know where to start?

What are the key considerations when it comes to security and compliance? What should you look for in terms of organizational viability and professional experience? What about flexibility in terms of both software integration and organizational structure like pricing and usage agreements?

Oh, and those service level agreements (SLAs)? They’re a whole different ballgame, and you’ve got to know the rules.

Remember—choosing an SaaS provider that’s a good fit for your organization now and in the future is one of the most important business decisions you can make, and it’s also a substantial investment. Asking the right questions now can help you avoid sticky situations later.

Over on Futurum, our sister site devoted to research and analysis, we’ve outlined the key points your business must consider when selecting an SaaS vendor.

If you’re starting your SaaS provider hunt or are deep in the vetting process now, this is required reading.

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